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Are you still making your own websites? Are you falsely believing that by doing it yourself you are saving time and money? Well don’t waste your time anymore. Get the professionals to do it for you!

We specialise in building and managing websites for companies of all sizes. If you are looking for a webdesign company in Bath we hope you will get in touch with us for a quote so we can show you exactly what working with a team of experts can be like.

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expert advice

Expert advice

From graphics designers, website designers, coders, UI experts and more. We can help you do things the right way.

long term support

Long term support

We work with our clients throughout year to develop and build their websites continuously. We always have a plan.

easy communication

Easy communication

We make it easy for you to contact us and arrange time slots so we can work together in a structured, organised way.

network of professionals

Network of professionals

Whatever you need help with we can point you in the right direction thanks to our growing network of freelancers and experts.


Quality websites

We build websites in the right way. We know what works and what doesn’t. And we can help you succeed with your website too.

affordable pricing

Affordable pricing

We have packages to suit all kinds of business from large to small. Our pricing is highly competitive and reflects our quality.

What customers say about StudioRav

Webdesign Company Bath

“A great team of professional web designers who have helped my business grow year on year. Very highly recommended.”
A Compbell

“I spent so much time trying to build my own website. When I got the professionals to do it I noticed the difference immediately.”
H Smith

“Good advice, excellent quality of work and priced competitively. I’m happy to recommend them to others.”
I Khan

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